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Dan is Top Notch.
Very knowledgeable and helpful, I pester him with questions all the time on equipment im looking into, he gives me detailed comparisons that make it easy to make decisions.

I have brought about 14 balls in the past to yrs to have him do, and I have not been disappointed yet to this day. My fit is the Best its ever been.

The Vise It is awesome and makes ball changes a snap with the same comfort grip everytime.

I Shot my first Sanctioned ABC/USBC adult 800 a little over a month ago with my Guru Mighty . and Got a ball done by him last week, picked it up right out of the shop, and shot the first 8 first game and 714.

He is readily available always in some sort of contact, whether in person, via phone , text or email

Thanks again for all youve done, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

-John Chouinard

"Picked up the DV8 Hellraiser Terror last night and pulled it straight out of the box before league and shot 745. Super stoked about the performance of this ball and amazed how hard this thing hit the pocket. Thanks Nate Adams for all the incite on what direction I should go towards my purchase. I would also like to give a shout out to Dan McLalin @ Premier Bowling Pro Shop for drilling my ball to perfection in 20 minutes. Thanks again guys, you have a Brunswick and Premier customer for life."
-Alan Dzieciolowski

"I would like to thanks Daniel James McLalin from Premier Bowlers Pro Shop for making the subtle changes to my thumb and fingers..... 13 in a row yesterday most for me since I went left handed woooooooooooooooooooooooop"

-Bruce Eickholdt

Hi Dan,

"I just needed to tell you how much I appreciate all the time and expertise that you have given me over the past 3 bowling seasons.  Until working with you I had never worked with a certified I.B.P.S.I.A. ball driller!!!  I cannot STRESS enough how important it is to get certified, not just for bowlers but for the entire sport of bowling!!! The first year 2005/06 Dan helped me by expanding my knowledge base, and bowling equipment (drillings that work for me) my average went up 5 pins (203 up to 208).  In 2006/07 Dan helped me  take my average up another 6 pins from 208 to 214 !! Winning the survivor league PBA Tournament and high league average of 188. (5 conditions were rotated each week).  Last season my average was up 8 pins to 222 This year 2008/09 my average has dipped slightly to 219 (but its early January) THATS 19 pins in 3 years!!! Dan has the ability to think outside the box and come up with a solution.  But don't think for a second that it was easy to do!! If you are looking to take your game to the next level, looking for a driller to repeat drills time after time, and if you don't believe me take a look at my stats!!  Thanks Dan for everything !!!"

-Abery Thomas Jr.

usbc #1121-4885


Hi Dan,

"Just wanted to say thank you for the ball you drilled for me the second game I bowled with it I bowled a 300 the first 300 in 5 years for me. The ball you recommended was perfect for me and for the lane conditions I bowl on, the drilling was dead on, the best fitting ball I can ever remember having. Since you did the ball for me I'm a averaging 230. Thanks and Good Luck, I'll buy all my equipment from Premier Bowlers Pro Shop now."

-Jeff Edwards


"Best Ball Drill Ever"



"A week after you opened up and I spoke to you I have had several comments about how great of a shop you have, which just doesn't happen after a week. Keep up the good work!"

- Storm Bowling and Roto-Grip

"Hottest Ball Driller"

-Jeff Kujawski

"Just thought I'd let you know... since you drilled up that Cell for me, I've shot three 700 series and a 279.

737 open bowling
279 open bowling
716 Saturday morning league
727 USBC Youth City Tournament


~Sasha Hudak

"You the man Dan! I really thought you were such a nice young man when I talked to you and I am really pleased that you are doing so well with the product. Thanks for being such a great guy and great representative of what the product can do in the right hands. We have been selling a TON of balls. I really can't believe how well they are being received by the public. Kind of a dream come true, it is all because of guys like you giving us a chance.

Thanks for Being a Friend of MOTIV."

Scott Wilbur,
President of MOTIV Bowling

"He is a young guy too and really knows his stuff. He recently took the shop over and has won my loyalty over some other shops around here. For anyone in southeast Michigan, visit Dan McLalin at Premier Bowlers Pro Shop inside Oak Lanes...prices are reasonable and you get your money's worth and then some!!"

-Aaron Fultz

Thread #9

Hey Dan,

"Just thought Id tell you this Monday shot 762 with the Mutant Cell.  Best feeling ball you ever drilled for me!"


-Steve Scott

"Just received my Storm Invasion and could not be any happier, I currently have a 187 avg. At Town and Country using a Storm Virtual Gravity. My first 9 games with the Invasion were 204,200,198,246,211,199,214,246,193. This ball is very forgiving whether you throw out a little too far or stay inside too much. Definitely the best ball I have thrown to date."

-Tony Collino


"Just wanted to thank you......picked up the momentum Sunday went 297 Monday....You are still the Man!!!"

-Eboni Ackles


"Hi Dan ,
I brought a Brunswick hearts all over bag on Saturday and everything is great. I had a bout with food poisoning over the weekend and my godchild came over to visit and I let her play on the computer (BIG MISTAKE). I just left the computer on not thinking anything was wrong but when I wanted to send you a very positive feedback on eBay she rebooted my whole computer I lost a lot of stuff, but luckily not important stuff. So again I wanted to thank you again for your fast service AND WILL do more business with you in the 2010-11 bowling season.
Thanks Again"

-Tony Staszak
Philadelphia, Pa

"Hey Dan,

This is Trina VanHook, we met this past weekend when I brought my balls in to get re-drill.  Well I'm back in St. Louis, first night back to bowling in league and I shot 278, 247, 189 total 714. Thank you, thank you & thank you. You have saved my life. Well keep in touch and thanks again!"

-Trina VanHook
St. Louis, Mo

Thanks everyone for the great feedback!

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